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We would like to offer you a FREE Credit Consultation with a professional credit analyst. We will review your credit with you and set you up on the path to a Better Credit Life.

What is Credit Repair?

Credit repair is the process of fixing a low credit by eliminating negative items that could be inaccurately put on your credit report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act outlines the right for Americans to have accurate reports, credit reporting agencies require you to navigate online systems and send a series of formal dispute letters in order to fix your credit.

To make credit repair easier, Corxec can find and confront questionable items on your behalf.

Your Way To Success!

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Let’s start by removing every inaccurate information on your credit report. The law allows you to challenge any inaccurate information that you see on your credit report.


Now we continue by fixing your credit. Removing every inaccurate information, it’s not enough to fix your credit. You must show your creditors how in control you are, by making your payments on time.


For the final step, we will be focusing on improving your credit score. For having a good credit it’s the major factor to getting approve for any loans. Having bad credit will get you denied or have higher interest rates.

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We've been on track at removing:

Credit Restoration Program

Our team of credit consultants will go through your current credit reports and work with you to analyze any incorrect information.

We will personalize a plan of action to fix and improve your credit file based on the information listed from the credit bureaus. We will take care of every communication for the dispute on your behalf.

In about 40-45 days you will receive the first results from the credit bureaus. We will be continuing to assist you with any further communication with the agencies until all incorrect information has been corrected and or removed.

Let's recover your credit report
and analyze it with you today!